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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nishigikoi - Japan vs local

Picture shows parent koi we fly in from Japan. They are all jumbo sizes!
Often customer asks about the difference between imported Japanese koi and local bred koi. In fact, bloodline is the most important here - the quality of the parent koi we use to spawn koi.

I would use this analogy to explain....... A Japanese multi-national company sends its Director ( handsome, tall and intelligent) to work in Malaysia and his wife also came along to join him in Malaysia. 1 year later when they have a son born in Malaysia. This son will naturally have features following his parents and not looking like an European or Indonesian. In summary, still Japanese.

So if we fly in Japanese jumbo parent koi to spawn our koi here, ours are not the unpolular 'local koi' (spawned with local koi of poor bloodline) but still known as Japanese koi. Our koi will grow in size depending on your pond environment and the koi food you give. Have fun hunting your koi.

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